Feedback from Christian Schardt


Tour: private Machame with exra day

It was a really great trip and I would do it exactly the same way. The Machame route is just perfect for acclimatisation and I think that is vital for having an enjoyable trip with as little headache as possible. The trip went totally smooth, everything was organized well, all people were really friendly. The food was incredible, the camping equipment we had was more than sufficient and my guide Eric was just perfect.


Feedback from Melissa Van Skalwyk


Tour: private Rongai

I had a great experience in Tanzania thanks to your organization and all the local staff.

I was warmly welcomed at the airport and although I was travelling just by myself all fears about this new country turned out to be unfounded from the beginning. After undertaking a great briefing the next morning, I had enough time to pack my gear and explore the environment.


Feedback from David Stella


Tour: private Machame

I really want to recommend everybody Kilimanjaro climb with KILIMANJARO-EXPERIENCE ! excellent service – very good food, very kind guides, reliable porters.


Feedback from Yehia Abdel Salam


Tour: Machame

It was a lot more difficult than I planned, but the team was great, everyone just wants to help and try their best to take care of you.


Feedback from Lau Sum Yee


Tour: private Machame

“Seize the Day”, we often hear this cliché from the movie but don’t know what and how to seize it. Going up Kilimanjaro and opening our eyes to the spectacular safaris make us all seize every minutes during this trip.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for organizing such wonderful trip.