Feedback from Melissa Van Skalwyk


Tour: private Rongai

I had a great experience in Tanzania thanks to your organization and all the local staff.

I was warmly welcomed at the airport and although I was travelling just by myself all fears about this new country turned out to be unfounded from the beginning. After undertaking a great briefing the next morning, I had enough time to pack my gear and explore the environment.

From the following day the guide and his fantastic team guided me up the Kilimanjaro in 6 days.

The cook did a great job under these circumstances. And also the crew took care of me and my equipment. The tent was always clean and spacious.

When we reached the summit at 8:25 I was speechless. Taken away by this great view. But now I can say without my guide I would have never made it. Thanks to Saidi and respect to all the porters.

Upon return I had a nice day by the pool and the next day I flew out with many new impressions of a great travel destination and I will be back one day for a Safari to Ngorongoro and Serengeti for sure.