Our cooks

“Amazing food, especially under the circumstances it has been prepared”, “The food was better than in a hotel” –  these are only two of the numerous positive comments we have received from our satisfied guests.

Our chefs are professionally trained to prepare tasty and nutritious food on the mountain.  They often work in harsh conditions – in howling winds or ice rain using only gas stoves in a kitchen tent or a small hut. They can conjure up substantial cooked breakfasts and delicious and hearty 3-course dinners with warm soups prepared with fresh vegetables, a mouth-watering main course such as pasta with a rich meat sauce and vegetables or pancakes followed by a dessert or a plate of fruits for something sweet.

They get up when it is still dark in the mornings to boil drinking water for the day’s hike and go to sleep after every guest and porter has been fed. Our chefs can also cater for vegetarians, vegan or climbers with food allergies or intolerances or any other special dietary requirements such as Halal and Kosher, by prior arrangement.

There are fifteen cooks permanently working with our company and they all receive regular training in new techniques and recipes.