About us

You can’t sell what you don’t know! – That is Kilimanjaro-Experience’s motto.

Kilimanjaro-Experience’s team has experienced the mountain themselves, climbed it and conquered their own fears and limitations. With booking agents world-wide and an operational office in Arusha, Kilimanjaro-Experience has the practical knowledge to assist clients in experiencing this highlight of their trip to Tanzania.

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  • Management team– who they are and how climbs are managed
  • Sales team– meet our experienced sales team
  • Our Guides– these are the ones who will motivate and push you to the top
  • Our Cooks– our chefs prepare tasty nutritious food for you during your journey
  • Our Porters– our team of porters are super strong and take care of all the heavy equipment
  • Equipment– see what equipment we use during a climb here
  • Track a Climber– know someone on a climb – get the latest here
  • Why climb with us– more about our company and why you should choose us for your adventure
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Company background

Kilimanjaro-Experience.com has been operating since May 2007.

This company now includes operation managers, drivers, sales consultants and crew of guides, porters and cooks. We have offices in South Africa and Tanzania and staff who speaks English, German, French, Dutch, Afrikaans and Swahili – most of them have been to the top of Kilimanjaro themselves.

At our operational office in Arusha, our operations manager is entirely dedicated to deal with Kilimanjaro climbs and his team is available 24/7. The operational manager is available after hours in case of emergencies. High quality equipment is used, well maintained and regularly replaced to ensure comfort and safety.

Kilimanjaro-Experience believes in the fair treatment of porters and staff – this means happy staff and a good team spirit on the mountain. Many of our guides have been with us for a number of years, some of them since day one. Providing our team members with nourishing meals and adequate gear while trekking Kili is a matter of course which we take very seriously. They participate in training courses such as oxygen training.

Guides and porters are experienced. For example, our Head Guide Batchi has been on Kili about 350 times. In addition to extremely well-trained and experienced guides, the sales team of Kilimanjaro-Experience have climbed the mountain as well and will advise you based on their own experience.

Read more on our team to see which routes they used and what tips they have. You can feel assured that on first contact with Kilimanjaro-Experience, competent and knowledgeable staff will understand your needs and requests.