Our sales team

The sales and marketing team of Kilimanjaro-Experience is based in Somerset-West, close Cape Town, South Africa. This beautiful town on the slopes of the Helderberg Mountains was a logistical choice as they enjoy consistent power supply and better internet connectivity than in Tanzania, East Africa…
Having our administrative office in South Africa allow us to consistently answer enquiries within 24 hours on working days.

The company´s motto is ‘you can’t sell what you don’t know’ and we like to stay true to that: all our sales managers have been to Kilimanjaro, explored Tanzania and live in Africa. They understand the cultures, can share the excitement and know the lodges and the national parks. Most importantly, they can share information and personal tips about their own Kilimanjaro experiences.

Kilimanjaro-Experience’s sales managers can help you decide on the best route on the mountain, whether to choose a private or scheduled climb, what to pack (and not to pack) and how to prepare. Do you want to combine your Kilimanjaro trekking with a safari in Tanzania or a few days on Zanzibar beach? Ask us for options that suit your timeframe and budget.

One specific sales person will be allocated to your enquiry and will deal with it from the beginning, during the planning stage, right to when you return home after your trip to East Africa. Our sales managers speak at least two languages each, ranging from English and German to Dutch and French. They will try to correspond in the language you are most comfortable with.


Ester Smith – Sales Manager

Ester is a sales manager for Kilimanjaro-Experience and based in South Africa. She has been with the company since 2011, focusing on all the different East-African travel aspects we provide our guests. She has recently moved her focus more towards the mountain and will be assisting our clients in planning their perfect Kilimanjaro experience, whether it’s a solo traveller or groups as big as 50.


Leigh-Ann Lotftie-Eaton – Sales Consultant

Leigh- Ann has been in the travel industry for many years and has extensive experience in guesthouse management. She loves the outdoors and dealing with our guests’ concerns. Speak to her on choosing the right route and about any thoughts you might have about climbing Kilimanjaro.


Alexandra Lindinger – Sales Consultant

Alexandra has years of experience in bookings and designing African safaris and works from our Somerset West sales office in South Africa. She is a perfectionist, loves attention to detail and learned on her trekking to respect Mt Kilimanjaro. She speaks English, German and French and is keen to help you decide on the best route and season to experience Kilimanjaro and to share invaluable information and practical tips.


Benjamin Brand – Sales Consultant

Benjamin is a sales manager for Kilimanjaro-Experience in South Africa and has recently returned from a Kili climb. He has a BA degree in International Relations and Diplomacy and much experience in the tourism industry. With practical advice and a sense of humour, he assists clients in planning, preparation and choosing the right route on Kilimanjaro.