Our equipment

On Mount Kilimanjaro, equipment is subjected to very trying conditions: intense UV light, icy winds, extreme temperature variations, snow and rain. Tents, mattresses, cooking utensils and human beings all have to withstand the onslaught. The best quality materials and regular maintenance are vital for continued safety and durability. At Kilimanjaro-Experience, we make no compromises on this.

Kilimanjaro-Experience uses VAUDE, Nordisk and Tatonka gear and has introduced designated tent crews to carefully look after the equipment: gear is regularly checked and replaced and tents are cleaned after each trip. Cooking equipment is tough while sleeping mats and camp furniture are sturdy but light.

Gear and clothing can be rented from Kilimanjaro-Experience if required. This includes anything from thermal underwear, gloves and socks to gaiters, hiking poles and sleeping bags. See Renting Gear for available items.