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Kelly & Russel Uhr

Date: 24.09.2018
Tour: Lemosho Route

We completed our Mt Kilimanjaro experience today with the help of your amazing team lead by Emmanuel. These people helped us achieve a long term goal of ours.


Date: 17.07.2018
Tour: Machame Route

The Kilimanjaro climb was a great experience. The team was very good. I hope Joshua Mwakalinga is doing well.

Lucy and Clement

Date: 28.09.2017
Tour: Machame Route

The trip was excellent, everything well organized from the time of booking to the actual hiking period. We got everything for the price of our money... It was worth the price and beyond!!! Some of my friends are also planning on going next year, thanks to the great service offered to us by Kilimanjaro-experience.

Wolfgang Stelzle

Date: 24.03.2017
Tour: Machame Route and beach holiday on Zanzibar

Yesterday, we returned from Tanzania, respectively Zanzibar. We, Barbara and Wolfgang, would like to thank you very much for the great organisation and the unforgettable trip.

Valentin, Gabriella and Sarah

Date: 20.10.2016
Tour: Machame Route and tailor-made safari

Looking back at our great trip to Tanzania, we don’t want to miss the opportunity to thank you and the whole team!

Jürgen Schäfer

Date: 29.09.2016
Tour: Machame Route

We are back home, very happy and greatly impressed by people and nature. This was an extraordinary experience. Pure excitement. We made it to Stella Point. And that’s a good thing.

Wayne Dovan

Dear Kilimanjaro-Experience Team, Thank you very much for an excellent trip. I went on a Kilimanjaro trekking along the Machame route, made it to Uhuru peak and afterwards went on a three day camping safari. [...]

Claire Baldwin

We did it and Kilimanjaro, I think we underestimated you!! You are the toughest thing I have ever done, not just physically, but mentally. No words can truly describe how altitude combined with cold, hail [...]

Courtney Prestage

A group of 15 of us trekked up the mountain via the Machame Route. All the guides were excellent, friendly and knowledgeable. Was a wonderful experience.... now just need to figure out when I'm coming [...]

Alessandro Tommasi

We climkbed the Machame route, it was my friend and I. When we got to Moshi we discovered that two german guys would have joined us and this has been a great news for us. [...]