Feedback from Cilje and Ole Stubsrud


Tour: private Machame

Thanks for a memorable and perfect 16 days trip in late November. You were found on the internet and although Tanzania Experience is not the cheapest you are real value for money. All pre-trip communication went smooth with quick responses and valuable feedback. We ended up with a tailor-made arrangement that showed to be a great success.


Feedback from Peter Adler


Tour: Marangu

We climbed the Kilimandscharo end July 2013. Kundaeli and his team lead us to the summit very professional. It was great fun for us.


Feedback from Peter Jan Tilanus


Tour: Machame

We climbed the Kilimanjaro! And only by doing, we saw at first hand what and adventure this is, and what a huge responsibility for the organizing company! In this respect, Tanzania Experience did a great job. We had a wonderful, amazing week, climbing the mountain from 29/6 to 4/7 over the Machame route. Tanzania Experience gives great value for money and showed itself very organised, very kind and very willing to service.


Feedback from Evgeny


Thank you so much for organizing the trip. Your team was able to reconcile our complex invented by us route: Kenya-Uganda-Tanzania-Zanzibar-Kenya. All the docking went smoothly hand-picked hotels, excellent quality and complete program. Special thanks to Ewan for prompt and complete responses and willingness to help and accommodate all our wishes. Thanks Laurence and his team, who were with us on Kilimanjaro and really helped us.


Feedback from Kw Chan


Tour: Marangu

Its an unforgettable experience to have joined the animal migration safari followed by the Kilimanjaro trekking. every plan worked out perfectly and i saw nearly all the animals in the guidebook, including something extra like the lion ambush and rhino fight, thats incredible! on the other hand the kili trek was well planned and being excellently taken care of .. food and scenery was great.