Feedback from Peter Jan Tilanus


Tour: Machame

We climbed the Kilimanjaro! And only by doing, we saw at first hand what and adventure this is, and what a huge responsibility for the organizing company! In this respect, Tanzania Experience did a great job. We had a wonderful, amazing week, climbing the mountain from 29/6 to 4/7 over the Machame route. Tanzania Experience gives great value for money and showed itself very organised, very kind and very willing to service.

Food was good, although I would suggest some variation to the daily African menu. But what matters in the end, is a motivated group and a very professional guide. Because it is no easy climb and not without serious risks for those who come unprepared of stuborn. And such we felt very well serviced by the total group, lead by guide Sospeter! Tanzania Experience, thanks!

Peter Jan Tilanus