Feedback from Christian Schardt


Tour: private Machame with exra day

It was a really great trip and I would do it exactly the same way. The Machame route is just perfect for acclimatisation and I think that is vital for having an enjoyable trip with as little headache as possible. The trip went totally smooth, everything was organized well, all people were really friendly. The food was incredible, the camping equipment we had was more than sufficient and my guide Eric was just perfect.

It was like walking up Kili with a friend! During the whole ascent I never had any problems, no headache, nothing. I guess because of walking slowly everyday until the last camp, drinking lots of fluids so that I had to pee around 15 times a day as well as the experience in mountaineering I already had before from lots of climbs in the alps.

Also the addidtional night at Karanga Camp is a big benefit as you have one more night and day to acclimatize and that day cuts the last stage before the final camp before the summit into half so you only have to climb for no longer than 3 hrs and reach Barafu for lunch already and have plenty of time to drink and pack your gear for the summit and rest as well.

I think it is totally worth it to spend that extra money for the extra day as it really increases your summit chance. I would say from 70% up to 95%…

Best regards and thanks a lot for everything!!!