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Female footballers set to break record on Kilimanjaro

In June 2017 two international all-women soccer teams will look to play a 90-minute match on a temporary pitch just below the summit of Kilimanjaro. If they succeed, they will break the world record for [...]

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The amazing story of Kilimanjaro’s frozen leopard

Recent sightings of common leopards crossing paths with snow leopards on the Tibetan Plateau got us thinking about what’s probably the most famous high-elevation spotted cat in the history books. Ernest Hemingway opens his 1936 short [...]

Africa’s tallest tree found on Kilimanjaro

The tallest tree in Africa was recently discovered in a remote valley on Kilimanjaro, reaching a whopping 81,5 metres in height.  The tree, of the Entandrophragma excelsum species, is one of the few giant specimens [...]

By |December 30th, 2016|news|
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Our Kilimanjaro reading list

Any travel experience can be enriched and deepened by reading books about a destination before or even during your own visit. Among other things, this is a good way to pick up tips, gauge other [...]

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Kilimanjaro at its most epic on Instagram

Sometimes, it can be hard to put the spectacularness of the Kilimanjaro Experience into words. They say a pitcture tells a thousand words, so we thought we'd post a selection of some of the best [...]

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5 Things everyone learns climbing Kilimanjaro with us

Everyone and anyone who embarks on a Kilimanjaro climb will come away at the end of the experience with some important lessons learnt. Some of these lessons might reinforce preconceived ideas you had before your [...]

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