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Famous Kili Climbers

Kilimanjaro's celebrity status has, in turn, drawn a number of celebrities over the years, from professional sportsmen and sportswomen to singers and actresses. Encouragingly for the less fit out there, portly DJ Chris Moyles, who [...]

Kilimanjaro’s Original Trailblazers

People from all over the world have been drawn by the allure of Mt Kilimanjaro for more than 120 years. The first recorded successful ascent to the Roof of Africa was made by a German [...]

7 tips for Kili virgins

So you’ve decided to tackle the highest mountain in Africa and the highest freestanding mountain in the world. Well done. Even just committing to such a feat is worthy of recognition. So give yourself a [...]

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World Cuisine in Moshi

Although Moshi might be a rather small town, you’d be surprised by the amount and variety of restaurants to choose from. From local Swahili-style food to Indian and Italian cuisine or even a combination of [...]

Living on the foothills of Kilimanjaro – the Chagga people

With more than 120 ethnic groups, Tanzania is an incredibly diverse country and each ethnic group contributes something unique to society. The third biggest group is the Chagga people, traditionally living on the southern and [...]