We’d be willing to wager that summiting Kilimanjaro would make it onto most people’s African bucket lists. This is nothing new. Adventurers have been drawn to this magnificent mountain for nigh on a hundred years.

Well, if you’re one of those intrepid spirits who dreams of one day standing on the Roof of Africa, there is no one better to take you there than Kilimanjaro-Experience, and no better time than 2016. Here’s why:

New routes and climbs

We now offer eight different routes up the mountain, having added the Shira Route, Umbwe Route, Northern Circuit and Summit Circuit to our existing offerings in the latter part of 2015. For our old favourites the Machame and Lemosho Route, we also let you choose whether you’d like to do them in 6 or 7 days for Machame, and 7 or 8 days for Lemosho. You can choose either a private or a scheduled departure. So whatever you’re looking for, we have something for everyone. You can choose either a private or a scheduled departure. So whatever you’re looking for, we have something for everyone.

Real-Time tracking

Kilimanjaro-Experience is now using real-time trackers with their groups whilst climbing Africa’s highest mountain, so that those back home can follow their progress along their chosen route live and in real-time on our tracking page, where images will be posted along with the climbers’ location on the mountain.

The inspiration of 2015’s achievements

Throughout 2015, we featured a number of amazing Kili climbers and their incredible feats on this blog. From a new record for the oldest Kili climber, to the highest ever rugby match, have a scroll through our posts and you’ll have no shortage of inspiration to achieve something great for yourself.

Disappearing glaciers

Sadly, due to climate change Kilimanjaro’s famous glaciers may have disappeared within the next 30 years. So climbing the mountain now will ensure you still get to see it and remember it in all its snow-capped glory.

Cheap flights

A number of flight operators running to and from Tanzania offer good deals at this time of year, so take advantage and book now.


Perhaps Kilimanjaro’s greatest appeal is that it is both accessible and wild at once. The nearby town of Moshi provides good accommodation and amenities and is close to the major transport hub of Arusha. The mountain itself is a much easier and less technical climb than the other members of the feted Seven Summits, but the terrain, vegetation and topography are unspoilt and other-worldly.

A perfect combination

Another large part of Kilimanjaro’s enduring appeal is its proximity to so many other amazing attractions, including some of Africa’s best safari destinations on the Northern Circuit, including the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. You might also want a beach break to recover after your climb, and the tropical island idyll of Zanzibar is the perfect spot. All combinations can be booked with our sister company Tanzania-Experience.