Feedback from Ann Cook


Tour: Machame

Jambo, I finished my trek last week and it was truly the most amazing and challenging thing I have ever attempted. Our guides Laurence and Goudance were truly amazing. The team of porters and writes and cook were also first class. This truly amazing team are the reason I made it up the mountain.

From day one it was challenging and difficult for me. There advice of pole pole was to be the most valuable advice they could give me. It did not matter how slow I was they never stopped encouraging me to continue. The guides were so aware of each persons strengths and weaknesses. On the final day of trekking to the summit was unbelievable.

I still cannot believe I did it. I only made it to Stella Point but for me who thought I wouldn’t make even the first camp it was truly awesome.

Thank you to Laurence who is the only reason I made it that far. I will never forget these amazing man and the team who worked so hard to get us to the top.

Forever grateful

Ann Cook