On this blog, we often deal with the various concerns that our climbers might have and try our best to allay any fears. But what about their families and friends?

It can be fairly nerve-racking when a loved one is climbing Kilimanjaro and you have no idea how they are getting on, whether or not the altitude is getting to them, how much further they have to go, how the weather’s holding up and so on. There’s no mobile phone signal on most of the mountain either, particularly when the weather gets bad.

With this in mind, Kilimanjaro-Experience is now using real-time trackers with their groups whilst climbing Africa’s highest mountain, so that those back home can follow their progress along their chosen route live and in real-time on our tracking page, where images will be posted along with the climbers’ location on the mountain.

If you’re looking for someone you know, you can find their¬†real-time report by checking the corresponding route and dates. You can also leave comments and messages of support on their tracking page.

As always, this new addition to our services is in keeping with Kilimanjaro Experience’s focus on safety and personal service.

So set yourself the goal of climbing Kilimanjaro this year, call us to book now, and have your loved ones right beside you all the way with this innovative new technology.