Length: 73km

Days to complete: Minimum six days

The remote Rongai route begins on the Kenyan side of the mountain and runs on the dry northeast side of the Kilimanjaro. It takes a long drive to get to the starting point. It is the only route that approaches from the north and can be drier than most routes if you hike during the rainy season. The acclimatisation profile is fair.

The route is less crowded, moderately steep, crosses a beautiful alpine desert zone and allow for good views towards Kenya and the Kibo summit. On this route you return via the Marangu Route.

Rongai Route up Kilimanjaro

Private climbs on this route


Rongai Route

The remote Rongai route starts on the northern side of Kili, it is a good option as the northern side of the mountain is usually drier.